If Dr. Seuss Took on Rape Culture

In the aftermath of the Steubenville, OH rape trial, I’ve been deeply disturbed by the degree to which rape victims continue to be blamed, and rapists continue to be viewed as victims.  The fact that so many among us are willing to blame the victim in this particular type of crime, but no other, reveals [...]

On Expecting a Boy

I drafted this post about halfway through my pregnancy with Bennett, and in the several months since, the odd responses to his boy-ness just keep coming - from friends, family, and random strangers. So even though this is a bit dated, it’s still relevant on an almost daily basis.
The news that we are expecting a [...]

Relocation: Moving Into the Neighborhood

It finally happened - we moved out of our home and into the neighborhood of our ministry community! Our reasons for this move are often misunderstood and sometimes criticized, so I would like to clarify what’s really going on for us – why we are excited about being downwardly mobile and what we hope this [...]

Koi Ponderings

A number of years ago I had the privilege of vacationing in Hawaii with my mother. As we walked past the resorts lining the beach front, we came across a large Koi pond. The pond sparkled clear blue water and the huge Koi swam lazily in the warm sunshine. At feeding time they splashed and [...]

The Bell Review

On Sunday our church concluded its reading of Rob Bell’s Love Wins, which we have discussed and dissected over burritos and coffee for the past several weeks. One of the many benefits of reading in community is the ability to hash out thoughts and questions that arise from the material with others whose perspectives enrich [...]

Leadership Equity

In the earliest days of the Christian church, before the term “Christian” was even adopted, the new followers of the message of Jesus Christ ran into a problem of inequity in their community.
It may be surprising that a community so full of generosity, sharing, and visible signs of God’s presence would demonstrate a pattern of [...]

Reading Rob Bell in Community

Our church decided to read the oh-so-controversial Love Wins by Rob Bell for our weekly Book and Burrito club this Spring. I will refrain from reviewing the book itself until we have completed it (you’re welcome!), but I am finding our conversations worth blogging about.
When we chose Love Wins, people started coming out of  the [...]

That New Year Feeling

This year I am reveling in that ‘new year’ feeling. You know – that feeling of having a fresh start, a clean slate, a new beginning. Like when every scrap of laundry is clean and put away after a wash/dry marathon. I always enjoy the opportunity represented by Janus – to reflect on the past [...]

Hate is not a Christian Virtue

Hateful Christians seldom fess up to their hatred. In fact, they are usually blind to it, having equated hatred with a sinful emotion best deeply suppressed. When confronted with prevalent attitudes toward homosexuals, illegal immigrants, Muslims, etc., such Christians arrive armed with a line of ‘biblical’ defenses, commonly claiming the old “love the sinner, hate [...]

Eating Justly, Eating Well

We all have to eat. Unfortunately, eating well is a challenging task in our country. Thanks to some great books, documentaries, educational efforts, and even the First Lady, problems with our food culture receive a lot of attention these days. Organics are finding their way into stores like WinCo and Walmart. Fast Food restaurants are [...]